History of Pesto

Pesto is a sauce that originates in the city of Genoa northern Italy. The name is the contracted past participle of pestâ ("to pound, to crush", from the Latin root pestle), in reference to the crushed herbs and garlic in the sauce.

The ancient Romans ate a cheese spread called moretum which may sometimes have been made with basil. The herb likely first came from North Africa.

Historically, pesto was (and is sometimes still) prepared in a marble mortar with wooden pestle.


Sally said...

Dear Sophia,

Thank you for your comment to my blog. I came to visit yours and I was really impressed. You must have true love for pesto! I'm excited to read all your blog and try the recipes, but I wonder if you just started yesterday and you've already posted 19 entries?!!


Sophia Sparx said...

Hey Sally,

Thanks for your comment too! I've tried a lot of these recipes, I'm in love! My boyfriend thinks I'm addicted to pesto - maybe I am?

I just want to share my love of pesto with other people and maybe bring them a bit of the joy it brings to me (I know it sounds sad but it's just so yummy!!!)